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In 2016, I graduated with a BFA in Sculpture and used that experience to dive into digital fabrication. I have worked with companies, clients, and artists to bring additive into their early stage concept prototyping workflow. By sourcing the right equipment, tools, and materials, product development lead times can be reduced by over 60%. In addition to optimizing workflow, additive can also reduce waste and carbon emissions by over 30%. Switching to additive for early stage product development is the new innovative way to prototype, and it's what drives me in this industry.

I am the Women in 3D Printing ambassador for New York, and am located in New York City. With the support of our local chapter members and community, we are able to achieve record high engagement with our local events. My goal is to bring the conversation of additive manufacturing to the same table as women leaders and innovators, while helping emerging talent connect with mentors, and industry professionals.

If you'd like to talk more about a specific event or project, I'm open to starting a dialogue around any relevant topics.

  • I am closed for private client consultation and design work.

  • I am open to public speaking engagements (virtual).

  • I am open to community organization and event production.

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Due to Kat's extensive knowledge on digital fabrication we often consulted with her on how we could most effectively construct or prototype an idea. She provided help in trouble shooting with 3D printing, effectively using the laser cutter as well as coming up with simpler ways to execute operations that required digital fabrication tools. As Fabrication Specialist she kept a safe and orderly environment for designers and makers to work comfortably and was always available to teach workshops on how to adequately use a new piece of equipment.

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