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About Me

I have been consulting designers, artists, architects, and start-up founders on effective methods of prototyping with rapid and additive manufacturing since 2016. I have a background in art & design and have worked on projects ranging from concept to pre-production. I have managed high volume makerspaces and prototype labs with a focus on workflow automation, building out standard operating procedures, and developing technician training programs.

My approach in working with clients is teaching 3d printing from a manufacturing engineer’s perspective to cut down on costs and lead times. Iterating with managed expectations will save time and get products to market faster. My philosophy is to not only produce the project deliverables, but to empower clients with an efficient and long-term understanding that drives future concepts. After working together, people walk away feeling more confident and well-versed in fabrication and additive manufacturing techniques. You can read some testimonials from clients I've worked with below.

I am currently taking on short term consulting projects and professional speaking events.

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Due to Kat's extensive knowledge on digital fabrication we often consulted with her on how we could most effectively construct or prototype an idea. She provided help in trouble shooting with 3D printing, effectively using the laser cutter as well as coming up with simpler ways to execute operations that required digital fabrication tools. As Fabrication Specialist she kept a safe and orderly environment for designers and makers to work comfortably and was always available to teach workshops on how to adequately use a new piece of equipment.

Camilo Herrera Matiz

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