Since 2016, I have been consulting designers, artists, and start-up founders on effective long-term solutions for industrial design, manufacturing, and project management. I have a background in graphic design and sculpture, and have worked with all-stage projects and companies.

My approach to design is using foresight in scenarios where we could anticipate problems and meet them with creative solutions. Discussing solutions is extremely important in the design process, but are not solely definitive in problem solving. Prototyping and testing are vital steps in the development of a design and bring up most issues that will come up in the final stages of a project.

I take an educative method to consulting. Designers walk away feeling more confident and well-versed in fabrication and manufacturing techniques. I firmly believe that all creative professionals should understand the fundamentals of fabrication to design with feasibility from the start of any project.

Collaboration is key, so I make sure to work closely on projects with clients throughout the whole process. Virtual walkthroughs of a CAD model, and live editing workshops are just a few of the reasons clients feel empowered in the one-on-one work that we do together.

My philosophy as a design and fabrication specialist is to not only produce the project deliverables, but to empower clients with an efficient and long-term understanding that drives future concepts.