New ideas call for new processes...

With years of problem solving experience and a curious mind, I'm prepared to break boundaries with prototype experimentation for new ideas. Learning to design with feasibility while maintaining the level of innovation of a project is the first step to bringing ideas to life.



A common mistake in the prototype process, is forgetting to consider how a project will be eventually finally produced. Once an idea reaches the fabricators, it's typically stripped of its creativity, reduced to an armature of the original idea, and exceeds budget or timeline expectations. By learning to think like a maker, the design process can be well informed from the start and well communicated to the professionals who will bring your idea to life. Designing with feasibility will empower you to think like a maker and focus on the creative part.


Like defining the goals behind a project, it's equally as important to understand the implications of the final design.


Taking a problem solving approach to brainstorming, allows for unbiased and more efficient iteration workshopping.


The goal behind designing with feasibility is to avoid surprise, compromise, and to bring your idea to life with total intention.




Due to Kat's extensive knowledge on digital fabrication we often consulted with her on how we could most effectively construct or prototype an idea. She provided help in trouble shooting with 3D printing, effectively using the laser cutter as well as coming up with simpler ways to execute operations that required digital fabrication tools. As Fabrication Specialist she kept a safe and orderly environment for designers and makers to work comfortably and was always available to teach workshops on how to adequately use a new piece of equipment.

Camilo Herrera Matiz